PRIMA At Work for Artists Unlimited, All About Twitter

These questions were presented to PRIMA’s Dave Baker by another of Professor Reinson’s students. Mike Bielak, who pointed out the need to share some additional information with our readers. Twitter is a microblogging site that Professor Reinson turned some of us on to over the summer. If you use Twitter then you are a Twitterer and the messages we send regarding what we are doing are called Tweets. Check it out for yourself.   

What exactly is PRIMA?

PRIMA is the shortened form of PRIMA Connections, St. John Fisher
 College’s student-run PR / IMC firm. The letters stand for Public
 Relations, Integrated Marketing and Advertising and they represent the
 basic functions of our organization although we also are involved with
 event planning and some interactive marketing.

What is the difference between PRIMA and PRSSA?

PRIMA is where the students can get real world experience. Many of
 PRIMA’s staff are also members of the Fisher Chapter of the Public
 Relations Student Society of America or PRSSA. The declared purpose
 of PRSSA is to cultivate a favorable and mutually advantageous
 relationship between students and professional public relations
 practitioners. At Fisher, PRSSA is responsible for the education and
 networking opportunities while students can build a portfolio through

What is the position that you hold in PRIMA?

I am the vice president of client communications.

What does that position entail for you?

My position was created to be the contact point for clients but like
> the other positions it has evolved into much more. I am the blogger
 and the main Twitterer and the principle contact for our first client, 
 Artists Unlimited, Inc. of Rochester.

Does PRIMA have a lot of student involvement on campus?

No, PRIMA is not an SGA affiliated group so we exist outside of the
 mainstream. Through our partnership with PRSSA we remain connected
 with other clubs and student organizations but we also seek out
 students from these organizations to give them the same opportunities
 we enjoy.

What would be the one aspect of PRIMA you would tell students about
 that would immediately spark an interest about the group?

I think that the biggest draw is that students can get real world
 experience right from the start. We aren’t an internship we are a job. 
 A student who shows up at one of our meetings could be writing press
 releases or planning a speaker series that same evening.

What activities is PRIMA responsible for, both on campus and in the
 community as well?

PRIMA is promoting the Artists Unlimited, Inc. of Rochester November
 performance of the Wizard of Oz. We also promoted the organization and
 their performance at a Special Olympics Event on September 20 and at
 this year’s Macy’s Shop for a Cause event at Eastview Mall. We are
 also involved in the creation of a flyer and an ad for Habitat for
 Humanity of Ontario County, we are working with the Fisher Affinity
 group, an alumni organization, we are promoting Lights of Autumn, a
 local band and we are working with Professor Madigan on some of his
 projects. We are in the discussion phase with the Cystic Fibrosis
 Foundation, Father Graf regarding the new religious studies program, 
 Dr. Vicker and Dr. Rosenberry to promote their book, and with a local journalist who is looking to increase awareness of his radio program.

What activities, other than PRIMA, are you involved in?

PRIMA and PRSSA are about it for me on campus. I am interning this
 semester with Fisher grad, Carolyn Lauber at the Salvation Army and I
 am taking a class at MCC so my dance card is rather full.


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