PRIMA Connections Meets September 6 at 12:20 p.m.

Welcome Back!

A great way to build your professional work portfolio is by volunteering to run PRIMA Connections, SJFC’s first and only student-run firm. PRIMA (which was created by students just like you in 2008) stands for Public Relations Integrated Marketing and Advertising, the Connections part of the name is for the networking opportunities that PRIMA provides for SJFC students.

If you would like to sign on to manage and produce work for PRIMA Connections in the 2012-2013 school year, please attend our first meeting:

Hughes Rotunda (School of Education)

Thursday, September 6

12:20 p.m.

…or contact Prof. Reinson at kreinson@sjfc.edu Students can gain college credit by working for PRIMA



Take COMM 470 for Credit here at Fisher

IMC Firm Practicum – COMM 470
Students who are selected to run the College’s IMC firm will produce original work for clients in the Greater Rochester area in order to gain practical experience. The number of for-credit enrollments is limited, but this one-credit course can be repeated up to three times for credit. Graded S/U. Permission of the instructor is required to register.

WXXI’s Membership Drive

In the fall of 2008, PRIMA supported a wonderful institution… public television. Continue reading ‘WXXI’s Membership Drive’



For those of you who aren’t aware PRIMA executives are also members of The Tom Proietti Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. As such, many PRIMA leaders attend the Public Relations Society of America’s Conferences each year. There will be a Regional District Conference in Rochester this fall and the larger annual international conference in San Diego, California as well.

Several PRIMA leaders attend the 2008

Regional PRSA Conference in Buffalo, New York.

Find out more information about upcoming national events at www.prssa.org


PRIMA Connections Does Ad Design Work for Habitat for Humanity

Thoughts from SJFC student Emily Urbanski

I attended a PRIMA Connections meeting at the end of September and was very impressed with the way things were run. Everyone had a job and belonged to a certain committee within PRIMA. The captains of the different groups reported back to the mediator with updates from the different projects that they have been working on for various clients. PRIMA created a newspaper ad and a flier for Habitat for Humanity of Ontario County, New York.

Everyone that was interested in working on the ad got into a group at the end of the meeting and discussed how we would tackle this assignment. We decided that both the ad and the flier should have a common theme that fit Habitat for Humanity. Continue reading ‘PRIMA Connections Does Ad Design Work for Habitat for Humanity’


PRIMA At Work for Artists Unlimited, All About Twitter

These questions were presented to PRIMA’s Dave Baker by another of Professor Reinson’s students. Mike Bielak, who pointed out the need to share some additional information with our readers. Twitter is a microblogging site that Professor Reinson turned some of us on to over the summer. If you use Twitter then you are a Twitterer and the messages we send regarding what we are doing are called Tweets. Check it out for yourself.   

What exactly is PRIMA?

PRIMA is the shortened form of PRIMA Connections, St. John Fisher
 College’s student-run PR / IMC firm. The letters stand for Public
 Relations, Integrated Marketing and Advertising and they represent the
 basic functions of our organization although we also are involved with
 event planning and some interactive marketing. Continue reading ‘PRIMA At Work for Artists Unlimited, All About Twitter’


“There is no such word as can’t”

This afternoon we met with the Board of Directors of our newest client, Artists Unlimited of Rochester. Artists Unlimited are a not-for profit that gives members of the special needs community the Broadway experience. This is their seventh year putting on these performances; this year’s show is The Wizard of Oz. We will be providing promotion and media relations for the organization and this year’s performance at the German House. This is a great group of people giving their time and efforts to support this wonderful cause and Prima Connections is pleased that they have made us a part of it.


PRIMA Connections Named AOR for National Science Foundation Grant

Starting in September of 2009, student managers and employees of PRIMA Connections will be working to build relationships and a pipeline of college students in math, science and engineering in Western New York. These students will attend St. John Fisher College to get their degrees and become teachers in Western New York through the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program.

This exciting opportunity will build on PRIMA’s first successful year as a student-run firm based in Rochester, New York at St. John Fisher College. The new client, a group of faculty grant managers at Fisher, comes by way of a $900,000 grant from the National Science Foundation that will be implemented until 2014.

The Grant Funds PRIMA as AOR Until 2014

The Grant Funds PRIMA as AOR Until 2014

“This is an important moment for PRIMA Connections as we step ahead toward an exciting opportunity for students to learn strategic communication skills and put them to use,” said Prof. Kyle F. Reinson, who advises the student-run firm and is a faculty member in the College’s department of Communication/Journalism. “We have a talented group of students who understand the importance of building their portfolios up in this uncertain economy — what better way to gain an advantage in the job market than to run your own successful marketing communications firm?”

PRIMA Connections was started by students in 2008 as a result of a generous LeChase Fellowship through the Center for Community Engagement at St. John Fisher College. The firm’s former leaders have recently been hired by companies like Bausch & Lomb and world-renown public relations firms like Hill & Knowlton. In 2009, Devan Piccone became PRIMA’s first Executive Director and will oversee operations of the firm along with Creative Director Rocco Carzo and Operations Director Rachel James.

Follow PRIMA Connections on Twitter at http://twitter.com/PRIMASJFC


Lights of Autumn Gets Assist from PRIMA Connections

PRIMA Connections is proud to announce the creation of a new page on this site inspired by the work of our own Janet Aronica. 


Lights of Autumn



As some of you may, know Janet and her team have been working with Lights of Autumn, an up and coming local band. This meant getting them some publicity and what better way then to get an article in the newspaper and that is exactly what they did. They pitched a story to The Messenger Post and the rest is history. The story will run in the Brighton-Pittsford issue, and possibly Irondequoit and Greece.

Janet’s team’s efforts on the bands behalf can be found here. 



Kudos to Janet, Kari, Josh, Mike, and Matt!

Life is Tweet at PRIMA